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A New Kind of Sports Fantasy Game!

The Hoopform Season College Basketball Competition is an entirely different type of fantasy sport game.

Instead of drafting players, the participants draft teams. Once you have picked your teams, you will be rooting for the teams you have chosen throughout the season. Almost every TV game will become important to you.

There are 16 conference groupings. They include the following conferences: American Athletic, Atlantic 10, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Conference USA, Midwest Athletic, Mountain West, Missouri Valley, Pac 12, Southern, Southeastern, and West Coast. The ACC Conference has 15 teams so it has been divided into two conferences (Old and New) with Wake Forest being added to both so that there are 8 teams in each. The remaining group is the "Wild Card" group of teams from all the remaining conferences.

The regular season score is based on computer rankings as tabulated by TeamRankings.com  At the end of regular season, the 1st place team in each group earns 10 points, the 2nd place team, 7 points, 3rd place, 5 points, 4th place, 3 points, 5th place, 2 points and 6th place, 1 point. For the post season, each selected team that qualifies for the 64 team NCAA 2nd round field earns 1 point. These selected teams then earn an additional one point for each NCAA tournament win. Your progressing score will be tabulated each day throughout the season.

To participate, you will need to form a group of eight players and then conduct a draft. If you are neighbors you can meet in person or otherwise use a conference call service such as Free Conference Call. Then use this registration form to register and enter your draft. You can use a printable draft form if you want to conduct the draft manually prior to using the online form. Once you have entered your draft, you will receive an email confirmation. To monitor your draft results throughout the season, use the check my score link on the left and or save the link that is emailed to you.

Prior to drafting, you can prepare by using the information links on the left of the screen that will appear in late September.

If you wish to join a group or have any other questions, please email info@hoopform.com.